quick look at the 3 main steps

You've been thinking about building a barn, maybe you've done some research already? The first step you need is to get an accurate quote for the barn you are looking to build. Once you call us, we will walk you through some questions to understand what needs you have, the size of the barn, and what features you want. We can usually tell you over the phone a quick "ball-park" range if you are just kicking the tires. A detailed quote can usually get back to you the next business day.

We're going to send you a visual concept or help show you how to make one yourself. You can explore colors and hone in on the final details for your new building. Bower and Sons LLC is registered with the state of Indiana, and our Amish parters build all over Indiana and Ohio, however, as the property owner you will need to make sure any local permits are in place specific to your town or county. Then any site prep will need to be taken care of. We will give you specifics if you need help, but most local excavators will know how to site prep for a pole building.

Once you make the "hand-shake", we'll put you on the schedule and materials will be shipped to your property just before our Amish crew comes prepared to work. Our crews can usually construct a barn withthin a week. Depending on the size of barn, and what features you want, such as a loft, insulation, interior walls, wainscoting, windows, or cupolas, these all increase the project scope; but on average, start to finish your barn should be ready within a couple of weeks.

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