a word from the owner


Thanks for taking a minute to get to know us!

After 20 years helping churches and non-profit organizations get started, I began working with local Swiss Amish families and found that they have an amazing gift to build but lack the means to connect with those of us in the digital world. 

So, after two decades teaching theology and serving my community as a pastor, we took a step of faith to begin networking customers like you to Amish builders.

My strength in this company is helping you get your project done and communicating with you every step of the way. From listening to what you want, getting the quote, coordinating the right team, setting a time line, and finishing the job - that's what Bower and Sons does for you. 

We do believe in hard-work, American industry, and giving back. As a company, one organization we choose to support with a portion of our finances is a group called “We Carry Kevan.” Kevan Chandler is a personal friend of mine with an amazing story. Although he is confined to a wheel-chair and has extremely limited mobility, he has authored several books, runs a non-profit group helping other people with disabilities, and in 2017 was carried around Europe in a back-pack by his friends! 

When you choose to work with us, we want you to know you’re helping support the We Carry Kevan organization. If you want to be inspired, find out more here… 

Finally, I’d like to say thanks. I know you have a choice when it comes to finding a builder for your pole barn, your roof job, concrete driveway, etc. Our family appreciates you doing business with us and supporting local industry by working with builders and suppliers from the Indiana and Ohio area. 

- Jeff Bower